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The Order of Carmelite nuns is rooted in biblical times with the Prophet Elijah, who made a house of prayer for all people. We came to Savannah in 1958 to intercede and pray for the Diocese of Savannah and have been hidden from the world for more than 60 years. Within these walls, we live a cloistered life, striving for a deeper relationship with God each day as we practice true humility, self-denial, and sacrifice. An atmosphere of work, prayer, and contemplation  pervades our life in common, lived in the presence of God. 


Our daily schedule provides a rhythm and balance between community life and times of silence and solitude. 


Each day, the Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated in our chapel, the Liturgy of the Divine Office is prayed in common, and there is an hour of mental prayer with Adoration in the morning as well as an hour in the evening.

In keeping with our simple lifestyle, we attend to the ordinary domestic chores (for example, preparation of meals and cleaning) together with the offices of the monastery, such as sacristy, bookkeeping, and answering mail, which we receive as prayer requests and from our benefactors. For our livelihood, we maintain a vegetable garden and chickens. 

We endeavor to support ourselves by the "work of our hands," as our Rule dictates, and also distribute Altar Breads to the churches in our diocese and elsewhere.

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